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Deploy our legal expertise in bar license registration, before you start selling alcoholic beverages in India!

People love to savor alcoholic drinks in bars and restaurants, but nobody in India can sell liquor without having a valid bar license. The license is issued by the State Excise Department.

Required Documents To Apply For Liquor License

  • Business registration/ incorporation certificate
  • Identity proof of the applicant
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Address proof the business premise 
  • Certificate of completion of the bar or restaurant 
  • Trade license
  • Affidavit Duly Notarized for the Declaration of actual Possession
  • GST registration
  • NOC from the Fire Department
  • NOC from Municipal Corporation
  • Business details
  • An Affidavit to ensure that the applicant has no criminal history
  • Physical Possession- (Approved by DDA/NDMC/MCD)
  • Layout Plan
  • Security amount and license Fee
  • If the applicant is a company, list of directors, MOA and AOA
  • Copy of latest Income Tax return
  • Refrigerator Invoice

Types of Liquor Licenses

  1. L-1 – For the wholesale supply of Indian liquor
  2. L-3 – For hotels that serve foreign liquor to guests in their rooms. (Along with the approval from Tourism Department)
  3. L-5 – For hotels that serve liquor in their bars inside their premises
  4. L-19 –For registered clubs that serve foreign liquor to members.
  5. L-6 – For retail vendors of Beers and Indian Liquors.
  6. L-49 – For serving liquor in any marriage, party or function at specific premises

Liquor license is valid for one year, and has to be renewed annually, and it should be done thirty days prior to the date of expiry, along with the renewal charges.

Revoking of the Liquor License

The State Excise Authorities can revoke the license in any of the following cases-

Liquor sold on dry days

Liquor sold to a minor

Violating time limits of serving

Violation of the rules laid down by the state excise department

Benefits of Obtaining A Liquor License

Here are some of the best benefits of obtaining a liquor license-

  • Helps to provide an excellent dining experience to the customers.
  • Helps the Bar and Restaurant to sell alcoholic beverages legally.
  • Helps to avoid legal complications that may affect the business negatively

Penalties For Selling Liquor Without A License

  • The business will be considered illegal and closed. 
  • The defaulter can be punished with a fine and imprisonment.

It’s challenging to run bars and sell liquor in compliance with Indian laws. We assist in obtaining a bar license timely!

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