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We help you to follow the E-Waste Management Rules responsibly and obtain an e-waste license with ease!

Decomposition of electronic waste like television, computer accessories, mobile phones, chargers, or more such scrapped materials is decomposed using entirely different methodology because they emit toxins and hazardous substances. As per the E-Waste Management Rules introduced in 2016, businesses have to ensure safe disposal of e-waste

Required Documents To Apply For E-Waste License 

  • Proprietor’s Aadhar Card 
  • Proprietor’s PAN Card (Copy)
  • Applicant’s GST certificate 
  • Proof of Ownership/ Rent agreement/Lease deed/ 
  • Trade license/Factory license 
  • Electricity bill of the Unit Location
  • Layout plan
  • Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum of Association, and Articles of Association (For a company/LLP)
  • Copy of Partnership Deed (For partnership)

Benefits of Obtaining E-Waste License 

  1. Reduces Environmental Degradation
  2. Helps to avoid Health Risks
  3. Ensures proper recycling of e-waste
  4. Helps the business to stay compliant with the Indian laws.

Consequences of Non-compliance With E-Waste Management Rules

  • Under section 15, unauthorized disposal of e-waste can result in imprisonment expandable upto 5 years, with or without a fine. In case of failure, the defaulter will be imposed with an additional fine.   
  • The business will be paused due to illegal activity, and lose it’s trustworthiness.  

We support the business in the conservation of ever depleting natural resources and become an E-Waste license holder!

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