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We offer timely and effective solutions to manufacturers and importers of plastic, tin, glass and corrugated box for complying with EPR regulations In India!

For the businesses operating in one or two states, the process of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) compliance of a company begins with the registration of the company with the State Pollution Control Board(SPCB ), while those operating in more than two states, the company has to register with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). It helps in ensuring segregated storage of plastic waste and hand it over to the  authorized agencies systematically. 

Once the company gets the approval of CPCB, it becomes responsible for the collection, logistics, storage, and recycling of plastic waste as per the guidelines of the EPR plan. It can be done with the help of local bodies having expertise in the traceability of the waste.

Categories of Waste Materials

  • IT and telecommunication equipment, such as scrapped computer monitor, computer mouse, motherboard, damaged phones, etc.
  • Electronic and electronic equipment, such as scrapped washing machines, televisions, etc.   

Required Documents To Apply For ERP Compliance 

  • KYC of Manufacturer / Importer Company
  • IEC Certificate/DGFT License
  • Copies of PAN Card, GST, IEC, and Aadhar Card
  • Details of EPR plan
  • Details of E-Product 
  • Copies of agreement with the Collection Centre, Dealer, Recycler, Storage, Treatment, and Disposal Facility.
  • Details for Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance

Benefits of EPR Compliance

  • Helps to enhance the reusability of waste plastic and glass that do not decompose naturally.
  • Reusability enhances profitability.  
  • Assists in reducing devastating effects on the environment.
  • Protects the business from legal complications.   

Consequences of Violating ERP Compliance

  • Non-compliance with EPR norms results in heavy rates of penalty on firms.
  • Strict action will be taken against the proprietor or partners.  
  • It would hinder the normal functioning of the business.
  • It will create a mess, as the waste materials won’t be disposed of scientifically. 

The Easy Liasoning team helps to complete the legalities of EPR Compliance and ensures that you are able to run the business smoothly!

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