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Grow your business with the best legal consultancy for ISI registration in India!

ISI Mark Registration helps the business to comply with the Bureau of Indian Standard for ensuring the quality control of industrial goods. ISI mark is a symbol of quality and it signifies that the product complies with the specifications by the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS).

Required Documents For ISI Registration

One has to submit the following documents along with the application-

  • Registration certificate of the company
  • Receipt of property tax 
  • Verification and self-evaluation report
  • Certified copy of reports of independent tests done by BIS approved laboratories.
  • Document of company registration/partnership deed. 
  • Certificate received from Central Insecticide Board (CIB), Chief Controller of Explosives (CCE), or drug controller, whichever is applicable.
  • SSI certificate (for a small scale company).
  • Copy of trademark registration.
  • Details of the raw material used
  • Details of machines
  • Details of the manufacturing process
  • Details of test equipment
  • Layout plan of the manufacturing unit
  • Details of quality control staff
  • Details about the disposal of substandard products


ISI Registration is considered to be valid for one year, and the business has to get it renewed annually. 

Benefits of ISI Registration

Here are the significant benefit of having an ISI mark on the products-

  • IT ensures the quality of products.
  • Ensures durability and better performance of consumer goods.
  • Makes it easier to gain the trustworthiness of customers.
  • Helps in increasing sales. 

Penalties For The Misuse of ISI Mark

Anyone found misusing the ISIS mark can be fined up to Rs. 50,000, or imprisoned, or may have to face both the punishments, as per the situations. 

Is ISI Registration Mandatory In India?

Not every product sold in the Indian markets is having ISI marks on them. However, there are certain products that cannot be sold without seeking authorization or approval from the Bureau of Indian Standard. It means that the ISI mark is mandatory for a certain category of products, and selling them without it would be a legal offense and the manufacturer can be punished for negligence.

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