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Let us apply for an Occupancy Certificate (OC) on your behalf and become a proud possessor of your building!

An Occupancy Certificate (OC) is issued by the local municipal authorities or the building proposal department, and it validates that the building construction is done according to the approved plans, and grants permission to occupy that building, under the civic laws. 

The builder or the owner of the building can apply for a Certificate of Occupancy. Occupancy Certificate helps to protect the ownership rights.

Occupying an apartment or any building can turn into a costly mistake, because it is an illegal act, and you might have to face the consequences of not abiding by the country’s laws. 

Importance of Occupation Certificate 

  • Ensures that the building abides by bye-laws.
  • It proves that all the basic amenities are in order
  • Provides a legal right for occupying a property.
  • Helps to claim income-tax benefits on house loans
  • Helps to apply for electricity, water supply, and sanitary connections.
  • Assists the owner to get a copy of the certified deed.
  • Occupancy Certificate is an essential document to complete the legal procedure of sale or purchase of the property.

How to Apply?

One has to submit the occupancy application form along with the required documents, along with the prescribed fees to obtain an Occupancy Certificate. Here’s the list of documents you are required to produce-

  • No objection certificate (NOC) issued by the local authorities (Municipal Corporation,Panchayat, or Building Proposal Department) 
  • In case of an industrial building, No objection certificate (NOC) issued by the Inspector of Factories is required.
  • No objection certificates (NOCs) from  the Pollution Control Board, Chief Fire Officer, and Controller of Explosives.  
  • No objection certificate (NOC)  from the Department of Civil Aviation if required.
  • Attested copies of property tax, water and sewerage tax receipts. 
  • Copy of the sanctioned plan
  • Completion Certificate (CC) to verify that the building adheres to all the prevailing rules.
  • Commencement Certificate to verify that building plan complies with local regulations and plot records.
  • Photographs of the completed building
  • Photographs of rain harvesting, and solar panels

Re-Applying– If an application is rejected once, the applicant can make the necessary corrections and re-submit the application within the specified time limit. 

Renewal– In general, Occupancy Certificate (OC) is valid for one year, and has to be reviewed yearly, along with the fees.

Processing time– It takes approximately 30 days for a domestic building and approximately 60 days to get an approval of Occupancy Certificate (OC). 

Repercussions of Avoiding an Occupancy Certificate

  • It is illegal to occupy a building without acquiring an OC, and any such building is categorized as an unauthorized structure, and can be demolished.  
  • The Sale or purchase of a building is considered illegal with a valid OC.
  • Electricity, water, and sanitary connections can be disapproved without an OC.

We help you to remain extra cautious of abiding by local laws, and obtaining an OC on time!

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