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Our legal experts assist in seeking NOC from the Pollution Control Board to ensure smooth functioning of your business in India!

Pollution license helps to certify that the business is operating in consent with the State Pollution Control Board that provides necessary guidelines for prevention and control of air and water pollution and issues NOC for effluents. 

Types of Effluents

  • Smoke Emission
  • Fly Ashes
  • Chemical Waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Detergent Washing Remnants

Categories of Industries

The Central Pollution Control Board has categorized the industries based on the pollution index. 

  1. Red category industry includes big manufacturing units, hospitals, etc that have the highest pollution index (above 60).
  2. Orange category of industry includes medium sized industries that have a pollution index score of 41 to 59.
  3. Green category is the set of the industry with pollution index score of 21 to 40.
  4. White category industry is practically non-polluting, with a pollution index score below 20. This category of industries do not require a pollution license. 

Required Documents For CTO/CTE:

One has to submit the following documents for obtaining CTO/CTE.

  • Project location’s satellite image
  • Site’s layout
  • Project report along with the description of raw materials and manufacturing methods 
  • Proof of Investment
  • Environmental statement
  • Factory License
  • Trade License
  • Electricity bill and Utility Bill
  • NOC Compliance report 
  • Certificate of completion of the effluent treatment plant or add-on pollution control

For water consent/NOC:

  • Compliance with water consent clauses
  • Reports of treated wastewater analysis
  • Water cess returns
  • Report of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)/Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • The layout of ETP and STP

For air consent/NOC:

  • Specifications of air pollution control techniques
  • Drawing of monitoring facility
  • Emission analysis report
  • Compliance with air consent clauses

For chemical/hazardous waste:

  • Incinerator/SLF details
  • Details of hazardous wastes generated.
  • Compliance with hazardous waste authorization clauses

Process To Apply For A Pollution License

  • Obtain NOC
  • Provide details of site, pollution control plan, and registration certificates from the Industry Department along with NOC.

Benefits of Obtaining NOC From The Pollution Control Board

Here are some of the best advantages-

Helps in environmental protection by implementation of effective waste management programs.

NOC helps to abide by pollution-related compliances.

  • NOC from the Pollution control board helps to gain consent for establishment and operation of an industry. 
  • NOC from the pollution control board  helps to get the other licenses and NOCs with ease.

Penalties For Non-Compliance With Pollution Control Board

  • In case of violation of rules laid by the State Pollution Control Board, the occupier and operator will have to pay financial penalties as levied, or face the imprisonment for 6 months, expandable upto 5 years, or both. 
  • Additional fine will be levied for each day, in case of continuation of contravention of first conviction. If the 
  • If the contravention continues beyond one year, the offender shall be imprisoned for a term that may extend to 7 years.

We have compliance experience that helps to avoid potential pitfalls while seeking NOC from the Pollution Control Board. Try us!

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