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Swimming is fun but obtaining a license for a swimming pool is a bit complicated. We help to fulfill the legalities!

As per the Indian laws, one has to obtain a license for establishing or maintaining a swimming pool from the local authorities that varies from state to state. The architectural design has to be laid down as per the government prescribed specifications and guidelines and seek approval from the authorized body. Application for License should be filed after the construction of the swimming pool.  

Required Documents To Apply For Swimming Pool License

Here’s the list of document that has to be submitted along with the application-

  • Proof of ownership, or rent agreement, or lease deed.
  • Photographs of the swimming pool from diverse angles.
  • Approval of site plan
  • NOC from owner
  • NOC issued by NDMC
  • NOC from Local Police
  • NOC from Traffic Police
  • NOC from Electrical Inspector
  • Report of Original Water Test (Every Month)
  • Fire Safety Certificate (for indoor Swimming Pool)
  • Applicant’s Identity proof (Aadhar Card/PAN Card/ Passport/Driving License/Voter Id)
  • Applicant’s address proof
  • GST registration certificate
  • Health Trade License issued by MCD 
  • Authorization letter/Board Resolution in applicant’s favour

As per rules, the swimming pool cannot remain open after 12 a.m and open before 5 .m in the morning, without seeking written permission from the commissioner of police. 


The swimming pool license remains valid for one year and has to be renewed annually. The renewal application should be filed at least one month before the expiry of the license.

Benefits of Having Swimming Pool License

  • It helps to run the swimming pool in compliance with the local laws.
  • It helps in ensuring the safety of users.
  • It helps in avoiding vital shortcomings in the swimming pool design and architecture.

Consequences of not obtaining a Swimming Pool License

It is not permissible to build and operate a swimming pool without having a valid license, so ignoring it may result in legal complications and the pool has to be closed immediately. The owner will be fined and punished.

We help to complete a defined set of rules and regulations to obtain a swimming pool license in North Indian regions. Get it done now!

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